Managing Director, Markus H. Kepka (Speaker)

++ Increase in sales and turnover ++ Further double-digit growth in Asia ++ Emphasis on international expansion ++ Product range broadened ++ Outlook for 2012 ++

With growth of five percent over the prior year, Fissler generated worldwide turnover of 189 million Euros in fiscal 2011, thereby continuing on its track to success. The share of sales generated by export business continues to grow, proceeding the trend of the last few years. Of total sales, 31 percent were realized domestically (2010: 34 percent) and 69 percent abroad (2010: 66 percent). Sales accounted for by foreign companies rose by over 12 percent, whereby those in Korea, China and Japan continue to show the greatest growth. As has repeatedly occurred, Asia is the strongest growth region, with an increase of over 14 percent. New contracts concluded with distributors in Finland, Malaysia and Cyprus underscore Fissler’s objective of expanding its international business activities. At the present time, the cookware expert in Idar- Oberstein has 772 employees worldwide (2010: 780).

Sustainable branding policy: Boosting revenues

"Fissler is a top brand, and the outstanding quality of our premium products are its essence. Value-oriented product and brand management is accordingly consistent, strengthens us in the long term, and is more sustainable than short-term increases in sales figures." This is how Markus H. Kepka, Managing Director of Fissler GmbH, explains the fact that the company for the most part foregoes the use of promotional discount campaigns and the related slight decrease in sales in Germany in the reporting year. The figures already show better measurable results in the domestic market on the product level for the company, however, as well as for the trade, Kepka continues. Fissler customers value high-quality product placements in specialty sales channels as well as more service. This becomes evident again by the growth in sales in the German specialty retail trade in fiscal 2011. Business with department stores has become stable, whereby sales in furniture stores dropped, due to the consistent implementation of the premium brand strategy and thus the reduced discount policy. Business in Europe is growing slightly. On the whole, however, the Europe-wide picture remains uneven as a result of the crisis situation.

Competence in cookware: Food loves Fissler

In 2011, Fissler remained true to its brand approach of offering the right cookware for any recipe for every cook all over the world – and was more successful than ever. The highly positive response from the German retail trade turned the launch of the limited Design Edition of the original-profi collection® last fall into a special highlight. (Revenue Source No. 1 worldwide was again the pots of the original-profi collection®). Purchased especially often were the pressure cookers of the vitavit® generation and the knives of the profession, perfection and passion lines – both new product lines from 2009 and 2010. At this year’s Ambiente, Fissler is presenting its new luno line, a cookware range for creative cooking. The motto for the 2012 fair is Food loves Fissler, for the simple formula for perfect meals is: Good meals deserve the best ingredients – and the best ingredients deserve premium cookware from Fissler.

Outlook for 2012

"In 2012, our primary aim will be to apply our high standards to the entire marketing mix – and to do so worldwide. To accomplish this, we are investing in a greater emotionalizing of the brand, in the presentation of our products at the PoS, and in product innovations with the greatest possible consumer benefits, such as our new luno line," Kepka announces. Fissler made preparations for this in 2011. Last year, 24 shops were already adapted to the new Focus shop system; by the end of 2012, an additional 50 retail stores will be adapted. A new visual merchandising concept was also successfully implemented in the retail trade, and a market research study to ascertain the quality of the work of Fissler customer advisers was carried out in over 100 stores. This will be continued in the current year. The launch of the new luno line begins in March. Additions to the knife range are expected by the end of the year. By then, Fissler also plans to systematically further expand its online presence

About Fissler

Fissler GmbH has stood for high-quality cookware for decades. The company has been granted more than 200 patents and utility models in the past 50 years alone. The German family enterprise was founded in 1845 in Idar-Oberstein by Carl Philipp Fissler. Today the brand stands for cooking with pleasure and passion and is one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality cookware. The family enterprise employs a workforce of 772. Fissler bears the TOP 100 seal of approval, making it one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. Fissler premium products are "Made in Germany", and distributed in more than 70 countries. For further information:


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